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Accounting & Finance

Stratify's structured ownership of these traditional functions offers considerable advantages to organizations.
Within A&F, our collaboration affords clients expertise, cost savings, scalability, tech driven
 implementation,  continuous support, and the ability for management to focus on core competencies, amongst other benefits.

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Transaction Advisory

Leadership has worked successfully with the top Investment Banks and PE firms Internationally, as well as all Big-Four Accountants, and can provide guidance for your next financing. Everything from helping to select the right bank, lender, or investor, to acting on your behalf through a full due diligence process, Stratify will assure you go to market in a prepared state, to achieve optimal terms .
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Transforming strategy into a budget, managing KPIs, and providing business analysis as the plan materializes, are some of the benefits that make FP&A such a valuable discipline for a fast-growing organization. 
Working with Stratify's team of seasoned financial 
analysts to plan your next moves assures a greater chance of successful execution, and clarity in communication. 
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Business Improvement

Companies sometimes know they could be "performing better"... Let our forensic accountants perform a financial review.
As specialists in identifying opportunities for improvement in
 contribution margin, operating income, cost controls, expense structure, overall profitability, cash management, and similar areas, Stratify can effectively produce results.

Our Team

Waiting Room

11+ years

Average experience in accounting, financial analysis, due diligence, and business improvement

8 experts

Comprise a team that's collaborating, learning, and growing with our clients, every day


Raised by leadership through preeminent bulge bracket banks and the world's top PE firms

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